Working with Marc


                         We meet and exchange information to decide if we are a good fit for working together.
                                  We begin to create an alliance of trust and safety within which change may occur.
                        We explore and define what is at the core of your struggle and the obstacles, thought
                          patterns and attitudes that may be holding you back.
                                  We align your individual strengths and resources with your goals and develop a
                                  plan and process by which to obtain them.
                         Once the goals which we have set have been reached, I support you as you embrace
                          the world around you from new heights.
                                  A touchstone connection as needed to help maintain and reinforce your goals.


Ready to embrace and pursue the person they always knew they could be.
Willing to have the tough conversations that will take them to the next level.
Able to challenge beliefs and behaviors that are not working for them and view issues from different perspectives.
Ready to take ownership of their experience; therapy only works if you do.
Willing to face their fears and learn to overcome them.
Able to have a sense of humor and laugh along the way.
People working with Marc


Men’s Issues: As a male practitioner, I have passion around helping men reach their full potential. Common topics include stress and anxiety, anger, family and career challenges.
Career Growth: As a recovering corporate professional, I understand the unique challenges facing those in career transition. Whether you are choosing a direction or adapting to your successes, I can help.
Communication for Couples: Understanding a healthy way of communicating with your significant other can enrich an already strong relationship, help a strained one get back on track, or bring about needed closure.
Divorce Coaching: Transitioning out of marriage presents new challenges both practically and emotionally. I assist individuals and couples with the transition to financial independence and co-parenting, while assisting in reconstructing self, support system and network.
Financial Therapy and Wealth Issues: Developing financial health goes beyond your bank account, whether it’s regrouping after a job or relationship loss, adapting to sudden changes in wealth or growing your financial acumen. While wealth may be desirable, it also can carry stress, pressure and relationship challenges along with it. I work with clients to make their “new normal” into a comfortable reality.
Adolescents and Emerging Adulthood: As times change, so do the expectations on our youth as they transition from child to adult. Through my background with youth wilderness therapy and Youth Eastside Services, I am specifically trained to help emerging adults navigate this new frontier.
New Parents (or expanding families): As a professional and a father of young children, I help couples and families adjust to the changing realities inherent in parenthood.
Embracing Transition: Change is part of life and it doesn’t have to be painful, in fact it can be liberating.
Emotional Intelligence: I assist clients in understanding their emotions and how they impact their thoughts and actions.

For more information, download my disclosure and client questionnaire here.